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24 11, 2015

Online Property Listings

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Advancements in technology have made a huge impact in how homes are marketed. Not long ago, home shoppers had to huddle around a central monitor in their real estate agent's office to view listings exclusively displayed through the MLS system. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection--meaning, virtually anyone today--possesses the power to [...]

17 11, 2015

Creative Wall Treatment Ideas

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In addition to holding up your roof and displaying the occasional piece of artwork, your walls themselves can serve as compelling focal points of interest. Glean a touch of inspiration for wall transformations from these creative wall treatment ideas. Paint & Effects A simple coat of paint alone can beautifully bring a room to life. [...]

10 11, 2015

Storage Clutter Be Gone!

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As the weather cools, spending a few hours in the garage or attic becomes less daunting. Autumn's a great time to jump into that chore we all hate, but still need to do: clearing out the storage clutter! Oh, Those Boxes. You know the ones--they're the boxes you keep meaning to get to, but never [...]

3 11, 2015

Send It Packing!

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Have you cut through your clutter? Did you discover a mountain of things you can part with? Great! Now it's time to bid a fond farewell to your no-longer-treasured items.  Send it packing! Yard Sale Yard sales are handy for getting a little something back for all the storage you've provided your items over the [...]