4 Essential Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home for SaleSo, you’re ready to put your home on the market. Now can be a good time, as the prime home selling season is almost upon us. But, before you put that For Sale sign in the front yard, there are some important steps that you should take in order to be sure that your home looks and shows its best.

Step 1: Conduct your own “walk through.”

The first step is to walk through your home, room by room, as if you were a potential buyer. When doing so, ask yourself where any problem spots may lie, such as stains on the carpet, chipping paint, and / or leaks with faucets and drains.

Step 2: Have your home professionally inspected.

Once you’ve completed your own walk through, it can be extremely helpful to hire an inspector so that you know where some of the “hidden” issues may be lurking, as well.

Step 3: Decide what you will or won’t take care of.

Once you’ve received the inspection report, you can do some research in regard to what it may cost to fix various items. In some cases, you may want to go ahead with repairs or replacements, and in others you may opt to keep things as-is and possibly negotiate with the potential buyer in terms of moving forward.

Step 4: Don’t try to do it all yourself.

If you’ve decided that you are going to tackle some big projects, such as re-painting and / or other improvement projects, it can often be a good idea to delegate these tasks to a pro. By having a professional contractor or painter take care of these items, even though you will need to pay for their work, doing so can essentially save – or even make – you money in the long run.

For example, first, it will free up your time to focus on other things. In addition, by having these jobs professionally completed, you may be able to increase the listing price of your home. Plus, if your property will be move-in ready, it could also entice a fast offer and closing date.

It can also be extremely beneficial to list your home through a realtor. Because of the network of contacts that many real estate professionals maintain, you could have a buyer much more quickly than if you use the strategy of placing a For Sale sign in the yard and then hoping for the best.

If you’re considering the sale of your home in Bakersfield or the surrounding area any time soon, give us a call. We’ll work with you on putting together a strategy for marketing and showing your property – and with finding a new abode if you haven’t already done so.