Although you’ve probably heard that the three most important words in real estate are, “Location, location, and location,” there are some other sayings that may or may not hold quite as much 5 Real Estate Myths That Should Be Debunkedweight when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Here are some common real estate “myths” that your may have heard somewhere along the line, but aren’t necessarily true:

1) Always change (or keep) the wall colors neutral when you go to sell your home.

While there are many potential purchasers who will have an easier time picturing their personal items in a room that’s painted a neutral shade, bold doesn’t automatically mean bad. In fact, in some cases, a room actually calls for a grand color in order to play up certain architectural features and / or to add a little cheer.

2) Never buy a first floor condominium due to the noise and for safety reasons.

Actually, first floor units can have a number of extremely positive features. For example, there are typically no stairs to contend with, and you can enjoy the outdoor scenery at ground level. Typically, it only takes a few simple tweaks to help with dampening the noise and to add additional security features.

3) Expect to earn back what you paid to remodel prior to selling your home.

Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to get back 100% of the money that you will spend on remodeling projects – regardless of what you did. Plus, there is no guarantee that a potential buyer will even like the new upgrades, so in some cases, you may be better off selling the home as-is and saving what you would have spent.

4) If you don’t have “curb appeal,” you won’t attract potential buyers.

Oftentimes, if the rest of the home is appealing, the positive attributes can be promoted by either the listing agent or the buyer’s agent to a potential purchaser. Also, depending on the situation, exterior changes could be as simple as adding a few items to just dress up the front of the house.

5) A house with a pool is harder to sell.

Although homes with pools will require more maintenance (and expense), there are many buyers who seek out homes that have pools – especially in certain areas of the country.

Regardless of what is or isn’t a “truism” across the board, the perfect home is the one that will fit your specific needs. If we can help you to find that home in the Bakersfield area, Contact Us.