Bakersfield Real Estate Highlights for Home Buyers and SellersIf you’re planning to make a move this year – regardless of whether you will be buying real estate, selling it, or both – it is always a good idea to have an understanding of the overall housing market in the area. That’s because being familiar with figures such as the median list and selling prices of homes, as well as other pertinent details about the area itself can put you firmly in the driver’s seat.  According to, there are 102 different neighborhoods that make up the Bakersfield, California, locale. Currently, there are more than 1,500 homes for sale in the vicinity, with prices that range from a low of approximately $10,000 up to more than $7 million.

Overall, though, the median list price of homes for sale in Bakersfield in early 2019 is just under $242,000 with a median sold home price in the area of $230,000. Given that the average home size in Bakersfield is just over 1,700 square feet, this brings the median list price per square foot to just a tad over $140. As compared to late 2017, the median list price of homes in Bakersfield is up roughly 3.4%, signaling that the area could still be considered a seller’s market.

If you are a seller, though, you could still find yourself juggling two mortgages if you make a commitment on a new property before closing on your current home. That is because on average, homes in Bakersfield are on the market for 64 days.

There are ways to get your home sold fast, though, and to also find your next abode more quickly. This can start by working with an experienced local realtor. With access to in-depth information, as well as the added advantage of a large network, a real estate agent can handle the entire process seamlessly, so that you can focus on other things. So, if you’re considering a move any time soon, give us a call for more details.