If you’re considering a move to Bakersfield, you may be happily surprised at just how affordable this city really is – especially given how much it has to offer. While many people believe that Bakersfield – A Surprisingly Affordable Locale with A Lot to OfferCalifornia is an expensive place to live – and in some areas, it certainly can be – Bakersfield is actually known for being more than 25% lower than the average cost of living in the state, as well as lower than the average cost of living across the entire United States.





In addition to being easier on the budget, this beautiful area also has a lot to offer its residents, such as:

  • Schools – The Bakersfield City School District is home to more than 110 primary and secondary schools, many that have received above average ratings.
  • Hospitals and Medical – Bakersfield Memorial Hospital is considered the largest regional medical center in the Southern Valley – and it is known for its certified stroke center.
  • Dining – If you’re looking for a night out on the town, or you just want to grab a quick bite, there are a wide array of options that you can choose from. Sidewalk cafes, family-style restaurants, and 5-star dining establishments with top-notch service. Whatever the occasion, you can find it right here in Bakersfield.
  • Attractions – Whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, there is also plenty to do in Bakersfield, too. Although this city has a small-town feel to it, you’re only a short 2-hour drive from Los Angeles, as well as the spectacular beaches of Ventura County. Less than an hour away, you can find the breathtaking redwoods of Sequoia National Park, Edwards Air Force Base, and the Mojave Spaceport.
  • Weather – It wouldn’t be complete without including the absolutely fantastic Bakersfield weather. Here, while the summer temperatures can get a bit steamy, the average winter months see only a drop to about 50 degrees. And, with a precipitation rate that is far below the United States average, you’ll have fewer rainy days to divert your outdoor plans.

If you’re considering a move to Bakersfield, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find that perfect home that fits your needs and your budget.