Buying your first home can be exciting. Searching for that “perfect” place – and knowing that it might just be around the next corner – can make the house hunt that much more enticing, especially Buying Your First Home In Bakersfieldwhen you are in an area that offers as much as Bakersfield does.

When entering into this particular vicinity, though – especially as a first time home buyer – there are a few things that will be important to know as you move forward, as they could have an impact on how you go about your purchase.

1) Low Median Home Value

First, according to, the median home value in Bakersfield is around 50% lower than compared to the state of California overall.1 This is because the median price in Bakersfield averages roughly $191,600, with the state of California being closer to $383,900. Bakersfield is, however, roughly 6% higher than the median national average, which stands at just over $181,400.2

2) Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bakersfield is also estimated to be lower than the California average – in fact, roughly 22% lower.3  This means that you can enjoy much of what southern California has to offer, while at the same time likely keeping more money in your pocket.

3) You’re going to love it here!

If you’re active and in search of just about anything to do, then chances are that you’re going to love it here. That’s because Bakersfield offers a wide variety of amenities – from water activities on the beach, to fine dining, to sports and entertainment. Sharing its southern California border with Los Angeles, it is also close to numerous employment opportunities.

If you’re looking for a first home in Bakersfield, give us a call. We can help you find that perfect property for you.


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