Although it is often recommended that you add a fresh coat of paint when listing your home for sale, the color that you decide on may end up having an effect on potential purchasers’ reactions. This goes for both the interior and the exterior of the property.

For example, the outside of your home is the first thing that people will see when they approach. And, just like with first impressions in other situations, an initial conclusion will usually be made by a potential buyer within just a minute or so.

That being the case, it is typically better to stick with a neutral color. A tan, gray, or white shade can translate into positive feelings, such as safety or shelter, while going with more of a brown hue can internalize warmth. In some cases, even a more bold color like red or blue could work. For instance, a lighter shade of blue can be universally appealing to many lookers, as can red – but only in smaller doses.

On the other hand, some colors can be a turn off to those who are viewing a home’s curb appeal. In this case, pink, orange, purple, and yellow are Can Paint Color Inspire an Offer or Turn Potential Buyers Away?normally not going to work – unless you happen to attract a potential purchaser who is very specific about what they are looking for.

Once a possible buyer has entered the home, the interior colors can be equally important. Here, according to, a kitchen that has an off white or creamy yellow will typically fare the best. Likewise, sticking with “earthy” tones on the rest of the walls, such as gray or even sage green, can oftentimes reel in an offer better than darker shades can.

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