Real estate agents provide valuable services to homeowners, home buyers, renters and anyone else interested in real property. Choosing the best real estate agent for you is an important step in ensuring a smooth transaction.

Shopping for Agents

All agents must have successfully completed rigorous study, and pass a state-administered test, before they can earn their license to conduct business. Ongoing education is required after licensure throughout agents’ careers to maintain a standard of service.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent for YouDoes that make all agents the same in the eyes of homeowners and buyers? Naturally, some agents are better suited for the job than others. It’s wise to interview several candidates before settling on the agent who’ll ultimately help you sell your home.

Ask candidates how long they’ve been in the business, and request some references. Then, follow up on those references and see what real clients have to say.

Beware of agents who are just passing through. These are the folks who didn’t hop on the real estate bandwagon until a market boom arrived. They ride that wave, collecting commissions on hot properties that would have sold regardless of whether the agent was present. When the market begins to cool, these agents are the first to jump ship and pick up a new line of work. These people don’t likely have your best interests at heart.

Thankfully, most agents are principled and honor their fiduciary responsibilities to their clients. Strong candidates will keep in touch with clients, returning calls promptly. They’ll note your property preferences, so as not to waste valuable time showing homes that don’t fit your profile.

Pick the Best

Top agents go above and beyond the call of duty to keep you updated with important news about home improvements, your neighborhood, and the real estate industry in general.

Give us a call, it’s worth your time to conduct some research to choose the best Real Estate Agent for you  and your property.