Admit it: since you were a kid, you’ve dreamed of a specialty room, a unique room to call your own, or a distinctively designed space to proudly show off to friends. You may not have much room to spare, but with a little creativity, you can carve out a niche to satisfy your craving for something special.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Create Your Specialty RoomCommonplace needn’t mean mundane. Add whimsy to an office, exercise gym, or home theater media room! Placing a pair of brass stanchion posts roped in red velvet at your media room door, for instance, makes every movie viewing an elite VIP event.

Let’s Play!

Outfit a playroom with game sets geared toward children/family use, or with others that are more adult-oriented. Construct a simple man cave with cushy recliners, a big screen TV, a stocked mini-fridge, and sports decor.

Dream Concepts

Bring in lots of light for an artist’s studio, stacked drawers to house materials for a crafting workshop, or line your walls with bottle racks holding a variety of wines to make a cozy tasting room.

Bring the outdoors inside with a hammock swing chair; install soundproof wall foam blocks and a microphone to make a home recording studio–do whatever brings your dreams alive.

Captivating Small Spots

If you don’t have an entire room to devote to your special spot, try to commandeer a corner of a room to turn into space of dreams. Remove the door of a little-used closet, install shelves and LED lighting, finish it off with a clear glass door, and you instantly have a unique display for your prized collectibles.

Claim It!

Fire up your imagination, and claim a bit of your home for your dreams. Even a small corner can deliver joy each time you pass it. So: what specialty spot will you create?  Call us, let’s talk about it.


Game Table

Brass Stanchion Posts

Hanging Rope Chair

Spinning Roulette Game