In addition to holding up your roof and displaying the occasional piece of artwork, your walls themselves can serve as compelling focal points of interest. Glean a touch of inspiration for wall transformations from these creative wall treatment ideas.

Paint & Effects

A simple coat of paint alone can beautifully bring a room to life. Many new products on the market today allow homeowners to further enhance a nice paint job. Adding sand or fibers to your paint infuses the finish with an interesting texture. Stencils can be used to create simple floral accents or even to add the look of architectural elements to your home. Paints that mimic the look of stone, aged iron, and other construction materials can lend a grand feel at a modest price.

Wallpaper and Fabrics

Creative Wall TreatmetsVintage wallpaper, or coverings harking back to a vintage look, transform even the most modern room into a charming salon. Seek out damask patterns or soft, old-fashioned floral bouquets.

Steep your room in an exotic feel of adventure, through coverings made of natural grasscloth. Textured, paintable wallpaper is another tactile covering, available in a wide variety of styles and designs.


Unexpected Materials

Change your room’s world view with murals and wall decals. Pretend you live in a penthouse, in a jungle paradise, or inside a favorite video gameRemovable chalkboard panels in an office or kids’ study area helps keep things on schedule.

Choose from a variety of wall coverings made of cork. Ruggedly rough or elegantly smooth, cork lends natural insulation and buffers acoustic noise. Enhance a rustic room’s appeal by finishing walls with reclaimed pieces of exterior wood siding, rough stone facia or other outdoor finishes on the interior walls.

Your Home’s Interior Canvas

Your walls encompass you year after year. Consider these creative wall treatment ideas and surround yourself with walls that are delightful to admire!

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