California’s severe water shortage has been making big headlines lately. This series of articles will address the drought’s impact on Golden State residents, and suggest ideas on how homeowners can tighten the spigot, avoid costly fines; give advice on dealing with drought and reducing water use by 25%.

Mandatory Compliance

Governor Brown’s recent mandate to reduce water consumption by 25% is enforced with a hefty penalty of up to $500 per day for non-compliance. That’s some serious motivation to quickly address household water usage.

Reducing Water UseEach water company within Bakersfield is developing plans to implement the governor’s executive order. Water companies are following the State Water Resources Control Board’s draft framework in designing plans for meeting the goal of a statewide 25% reduction in residential and business water usage. The exact parameters set by each company may differ, so residents need to follow up with their own providers to learn how the efforts will be carried out.

When 25% Isn’t 25%

For example, the website of Cal Water (California Water Company), one of Bakersfield’s eight municipal water providers, now lists basic household reduction guidelines. To achieve an overall 25% reduction, consumers are divided into tiers, dependent upon how many gallons of water each household presently uses per person. Those who already conserve may only need to decrease consumption by 10%, while those who hog the water trough may face mandatory cuts as drastic as 35%. (Note that reduction guidelines are based upon comparisons with 2013 usage rates.)

Nothing is set in stone yet, as the State Board won’t finalize its regulations until early May, 2015. But, whatever consumption limitations are beginning to show up on local water companies’ websites, it’s a fair bet to assume that the final local regulations will be just as stringent, if not more so.

Our next post will look at cutting household water consumption in residential landscapes. If we can be of any assistance give us a call.

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