A verdant carpet of green adds great curb appeal to a home. Unfortunately, California lawns now come with the unappealing risk of fines, due to new water restrictions. Dealing With Drought? Landscape Design Time? Perhaps it’s time to trade in that stretch of fescue for drought-resistant plantings!

A Drought-Friendly Yard

Dealing With Drought Landscape DesignCacti, succulents, and many plants native to California can survive long bouts of dryness. Rock, gravel, and sand can replace a lot of green, and save you a lot of green in the long term.

If the desert look isn’t your cup of tea, then go ahead and dress up your yard with emerald hues–just don’t fill the yard with plants. The mere suggestion of a lush landscape can often accomplish the same feel as a fully-planted garden. Create an environment welcoming to both the eye and the wallet: use wide pavers interspersed with creeping thyme, and accent with plantings of purple iris and blue flax. Get the most from each drop of water you use, with these handy drought-fighting tips.

Faux Solutions

Perpetual lawns of synthetic grass have exploded in popularity in recent years. Artificial turf quality has improved dramatically; it’s harder to tell the fake stuff from the real. You won’t sweat in the sun mowing, nor waste money on watering, but you’ll likely spend big bucks up front in materials and installation. The financial payoff isn’t immediate, but if you plan to keep your home a long time, or hope to improve its future resale value, then faux turf may be right for you.

Remember Your CC&Rs

Begin your yard’s transformation with free landscaping design tools. Even if your HOA has required green lawns in the past, the emergency mandate from Sacramento has triggered homeowner protection under AB 2100 of the California Civil Code. Still, review your plans with your HOA before making landscape changes.  If we can be of any assistance give us a call.

Included links:

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AB 2100 (fines for brown lawns prohibited during declarations of emergency)