Even if you’ve never fallen victim to a burglary, it is important to always be aware. That’s because today, even in areas where the crime rate may be Do You Really Need a Home Security Systemfalling, you can never, ever be “too safe.” Do you really need a home security system?

According to a recent Alarm System Report, each year in the U.S., more than 2 million home burglaries are reported. This means that every 13 seconds, on average, a burglary occurs, which equates to roughly 240 per hour, or nearly 6,000 each and every day.

While many people may think that these crimes occur at night, the reality is that more than half of home break ins actually happen during the day when residents are either at work or at school. In addition, home burglaries are also most common during the summer months – typically when residents are away on vacation.

Based on FBI statistics, one out of three homes without a security system will fall victim to a burglary, as versus 1 in 250 homes that do have a security system.2 Yet, even with these sobering statistics, less than 15% of United States residents have a home security system installed.

When considering the purchase of a new home – or even if you’re planning to remain in your current home for a while longer – a home security system could be just the deterrent that keeps your home, your possessions, and your family safe.

The cost of home security systems can vary a great deal, depending on the company you go with, and the monthly contract. But even with the price to install, along with the monthly monitoring fee, the “cost” could be well worth it in order to bring you peace of mind – both while you are at home, as well as when you are away.

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