If you have an outdoor patio or deck – or even a spacious back yard – these might be nice “outdoor” spots. But in reality, these areas are really an Five Ways to Dress Up Your Outdoor Spaceextension of your living space. So, why not dress them up, or better yet, provide amenities so that you can make the very best use of them?

Here are some helpful tips so that you can do just that:

1) Make your deck a destination.
You can actually turn your deck into a destination by outlining various areas or “zones” within the space – for example, by defining a place to dine, as well as a spot to relax. You could even include various plants, helping to blend in a garden atmosphere.

2) Include structure.
If your yard allows the space, include a nice structure such as a gazebo. This can make for a nice outdoor oasis. Flowers or vines surrounding it can add to the beauty and tranquility, as well as make for additional privacy.

3) Fire and water.
Oftentimes, adding either a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can provide a nice touch to an outdoor patio. These can make for a nice focal point, and will also tend to draw people together during gatherings. Fountains can also be nice, as they add the constant sound of flowing water to a relaxing space.

4) Light up your outdoor life.
In order to enjoy your outdoor space more, even after the sun sets, having nice outdoor lighting installed can be just the key. For example, if you have dining and / or relaxation areas, you could consider wall-mounted downlights or even dimmable electric lamps. These tend to create a nice, relaxed mood. You may also want to illuminate walkways with solar powered lamps. Porch lights that keep access to the house lit should also be considered.

5) Add a spa or hot tub.
At the end of a long hard day, nothing beats a relaxing soak in a hot tub or a spa. If adding one of these, though, be sure to allow for both the size and the weight, as well as to consider whether you want it to be situated in the sunshine or the shade.

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