Interior Paint Trends for 2016Choosing interior paint colors for your home can be tricky. You might yearn for some fashion-forward color, but lean toward boring, yet always-in-style, neutrals. Is there some middle ground between the two extremes? Interior paint trends for 2016 include both soft shades and bold oppositional colors, with some palettes injecting a little spice into otherwise sedate groupings.

New Color Palettes

Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix™ 2016 collection consists of four palettes. The ever-popular neutral sands fill the Pura Vida palette; steely high-tech colors populate the Trajectory palette; neutrals punctuated with dark red and blue form the steampunk-esque Nouveau Narrative group; and crisp, cheerful colors abound in Mas Amor, Por Favor.

The 2016 Color Trends Report released by Dunn-Edwards mirrors those trends, with colors grouped into five palettes. To the Manor Born features the neutrals. Midnight at Bar Da Copa reflects a Caribbean palette; An Island to Myself blends natural warm tones with industrial cool shades; Back at the Ranch feels like an autumn fiesta; and the soft pastels of Summer Camp smell like fresh laundry dried on the line.

Go ahead and cross palettes, to achieve your desired look!

Color Check

Whichever colors you’re drawn to, remember that paint can look very different on a swatch from when it’s dried on a wall. It depends on the porosity of the painted surface, the natural and artificial lighting of the room, coverage of paint applied, and the colors and reflectivity of furnishings in the room. To avoid surprising results, perform a color check before committing to your paint choices.

Paint small 2×2′ boards with your room’s existing color. Once dry, coat each board with a separate new color, using inexpensive paint samples. Place the boards in your room for a few days to see which feel best. Choose your favorites, and enjoy your new color scheme!


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