Is Fall Really a Bad Time to Sell Your Home?Now that the new school year is in session, fall is (almost) in the air. But, while this time of year can be filled with chilly nights and prep for the upcoming holidays, is autumn really a bad time to sell your house?

Not necessarily – provided that you stick with some key fundamentals.

First, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone plans a move around school sessions – even those who have kids. Given that, the fall season could actually be a great time to put your house on the market.

In order to make your offering stand out, though, there are several key items that can really help, such as:

  • Creating – or Enhancing – Its Curb Appeal – If your yard has overgrowth of vegetation from the summer months, now is the time to cut and rake. You can also add to your property’s curb appeal by placing some nice fall flowers (such as mums and / or marigolds) along the front sidewalk or on the front porch. These could even be accented with some colorful autumn adornments such as pumpkins.
  • Making Use of Fall Colors Inside – Inside your home, you could add to the fall décor by accessorizing with fall-colored (orange, gold, and / or red). For instance, some nice throw pillows, center pieces, and candles can help to make the rooms more appealing.
  • Brighten Up the Interior – As the sun sets earlier in the fall, be sure that you bring in as much light as possible by keeping window shades open while showing your home. Likewise, turning on lights – even those in closets and on appliances – can also provide additional light.

If you’re thinking about putting your home in Bakersfield or the surrounding area on the market, we can help. By providing you with a no obligation valuation of your home, you’ll have an idea of how much you can realistically list your property for, as well as what you can do to get your property sold quickly. So, contact us for more information.