As we’ve been forewarned, El Niño is surely on track to deliver plenty of wet weather from December, 2015 through February, 2016. For drought-stricken California, this could be hailed as good news, but it could actually spell trouble for your property, if it isn’t sufficiently prepared for the soggy conditions. Is your home El Niño ready?

What is El Niño?

Is Your Home El Niño ReadyEl Niño isn’t a particular storm, but a set of conditions that foment a type of weather model that develops over time. Per, these conditions are expected to deliver 40 to 50 percent wetter weather this winter season to southerly sections of the United States.

Parched ground that hasn’t been absorbing water on a regular basis grows hard and resistant to future absorption. A great deal of the water that falls from the skies could run right off the surface, and create conditions ripe for flash floods.

Prep Steps

Now is the time to take steps to prepare for El Niño’s arrival. Call in professionals to test and  inspect exterior drains in landscape and hardscape areas, to ensure that lines to storm drains are running free and are clear of debris. If you have rain gutters, clear them out and confirm the gutters are well-affixed to your home and not rusting or falling apart.

Check on your roofing material, looking from various angles for loose or missing tiles, slipping tarpaper, or other signs of wear or decay. If you discover issues that require significant repairs, check local ordinances to see whether any permits are required to complete the necessary work.

Be Rain-Ready

Make the most of the monsoon! Invest in a high-quality rain barrel to collect water today that you can use tomorrow. And, just in case: perhaps order a water removal pump at the same time, with hopes that you never need to use it!

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