Keeping Your Home and Personal Items Safe During an Open HouseHolding a open house for the public to see has been a marketing staple in the real estate industry for decades. No one wants to make a large purchase such as a house or condo sight unseen.

But when inviting strangers into your home, it can be difficult at best to know who you can trust. With that in mind, it is important that you take some steps for ensuring safety of your personal items, your property, and even yourself. These steps should ideally include the following:

  • Secure Valuables – Leaving valuable items like jewelry in easy to spot places can be tempting for any criminal. Locking up such items – or better yet, taking them completely out of the property and into a safe deposit box – can assure that they will be out of harm’s way.
  • Work as a “Team” – Having the help of a spouse, loved one, or friend can better ensure that if one of you gets distracted, the other can be aware of the goings on. As with most other situations, there is usually safety in numbers.
  • Walk Through the Home with Visitors – Walking through the home and acting as a guide can help you to keep your eye on those who are touring the property. Here again, having more than just one person holding the house open can be extremely beneficial.
  • Keep a Cell Phone Handy – If a visitor makes you uncomfortable, knowing that you have your cell phone on hand can be reassuring. In this case, you also need to be sure that your phone is fully charged.

Selling a home on your own can be a lot of work. By turning over all of the time-consuming duties to an experienced real estate agent, though, you will not only free up your schedule to focus on other things, but you can attain helpful advice on how to best market your property. For more information on the benefits of selling your home in the Bakersfield or surrounding area, Contact Us.