Lawn Painting for Evergreen BeautyIs your area devastated by drought? Do your sprinklers only hit certain portions of your lawn, and miss other sections entirely? Do you simply suffer from Brown Thumb Syndrome?

If your lawn is an expanse of dry, yellowing turf, then lawn painting for evergreen beauty may be the answer!



Paint? On a Lawn?

The solution landscaping professionals use on grass is more accurately a dye, not a paint. The color soaks into the blades of grass, so the deep green remains fast, and doesn’t wash or rub off. Most grass dyes are natural pigments, pet friendly, and non-toxic. When properly applied, the result looks like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost of installing artificial turf.

Each application lasts two to three months. To maintain the lush, green look, touch-ups are needed as blades grow out.

Hire professionals for realistic coverage. For a lot less money, you can buy the colorant and do the job yourself. If you take the DIY approach, pay particular attention to spraying evenly for a natural looking finish.


Reputable contractors use environmentally friendly dyes that are not dangerous. Nevertheless, a few concerns to be aware of include:

  • A dead lawn that has grown sharp and brittle through the lack of water won’t regain suppleness through lawn painting. For purposes of comfort, keep your shoes on when traversing dyed turf.
  • Water’s not required to keep painted lawns looking green, but your property’s safety may depend upon it. Unwatered grass, of any color, is a fire risk. Maintain at minimum a 30′ defensive border around your house by either regularly watering that strip of turf, or by Xeriscaping a fire retardant border.
  • Clear lawn painting with your HOA. Community guidelines may forbid artificial turf and/or dyed grass, although some legislation has been enacted to protect residents from HOA fines. Research what’s legally allowed for your property.

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