Lean and Green Eco-Friendly Homes – Goodbye, McMansions. No longer does home ownership mandate a large house with acres of lush, green lawn. Both the millennial market and empty nesters are eschewing the traditional badge of homeowner success, choosing instead modest-sized properties outfitted with technological and eco-friendly appointments.

Big Bang in a Smaller Size

A home with a smaller physical footprint typically translates into a smaller carbon footprint. Less square footage means less water needed for cleaning, less energy to heat, cool, and power the home, and less space to cram with clutter. Home builders recognize this trend, and are paring down to the basics. Fewer residential blueprints are including both a living room and a family room, opting to either replace grand front rooms with significantly smaller receiving salons, or doing away with superfluous front rooms altogether. Newer floorplans often open to a simple hallway, with perhaps an office to one side.

Green Tech

Lean and Green Eco-Friendly HomesThe quantity of square footage is less important than the quality of the space. Features highly sought after include pre-wiring for internet, preferably with USB ports built into outlets, tankless water heaters for quick and less costly access to hot water, and high insulation ratings for roofs, windows, and walls. Solar panels are also desirable.


Free time is at a premium these days, so easy yard care is a top concern. The improved quality and lowered costs of automated watering systems, pressed concrete pavers, and artificial turf all allow for a low-maintenance yard of beauty. Out are long expanses of grass; in are hard-surfaced conversation areas, with covered “California rooms” and built-in fire pits a plus.

Stylishly Simple

Increasing the technology quotient and energy-saving factors of your home, and making yard care a breeze, will help make your house a lean and green eco-friendly home that will appeal to buyers who seek smart, green, and easy care properties.

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