Making Room for Your Guests this Holiday SeasonNow that the 2019 holiday season is in full swing, you may be preparing for guests at your home. But if you’re short on space, how can you make your guests more comfortable, without stepping on each other’s toes?

The good news is that there are ways to make any physical interior space appear bigger, without having to move to an alternate location. One of the best ways to make rooms in your home look more spacious is to move the furniture away from the walls – even just a few inches. Doing so can give the illusion of a more roomy area.

Another option is to hang shelves higher than eye level. This draws peoples’ gaze upward, which in turn, can give the impression that the ceilings are higher. How you decorate can also make a big difference in how the size of a room appears.

For example, some home décor experts recommend that items smaller than a cantaloupe give the impression of a smaller space – but just the opposite is true, as well. So make sure to focus on larger holiday decorations – as well as other seasonal decorating throughout the year.

If your bathrooms are on the smaller side, using items like a clear shower curtain and other accessories can make the space appear bigger. And, while you’ll want to make sure there are proper coverings on the bathroom windows, leaving other windows uncovered throughout the home can let in more light and appear to give these rooms a bit more space.

If you are planning a move either during or after the holidays, give us a call. We specialize in finding homes for buyers in the Ventura County / Bakersfield, California area. This includes marketing your current space – both off and online – so that you can move forward to your next dream home!