Offering a Home Warranty on Your Home For Sale? Here are Some Things to Look Out ForProviding a home warranty on a property that you have for sale can offer an added incentive for potential buyers. That’s because these plans can give a purchaser more financial peace of mind if any of the covered items must be repaired or replaced.

But before you move forward with purchasing a home warranty, it is important to know that these plans are not all exactly alike. There can also be some items in the “small print” that could render the warranty not as “all inclusive” as it initially appears. With that in mind, be sure to closely evaluate any home warranty before you sign on the dotted line.

For example, some home warranties will only replace appliances up to a certain dollar amount – so it may turn out that a custom refrigerator, for instance, will be replaced with just a basic model.

Also, in most cases, a warranty will require that regular maintenance be performed on the home’s systems and appliances – and if an item breaks due to improper usage or higher than normal wear and tear, it is possible that the company won’t provide any coverage for it.

It is also recommended that you check out the warranty company that is offering the plan in order to make sure that it has a good reputation for paying its claims and that it doesn’t have a long list of complaints.

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