Regardless of whether we are in a buyer’s or a seller’s market, when the time comes to put your home on the market, most people want the deal to be quickly so that they can move on to other things, in addition to getting out from under the additional expenses. Incentives can help hurry the deal.

Certainly, one way to incentivize potential purchasers is to lower the asking price. But this doesn’t necessarily always have to be the strategy of choice. In fact, there may be ways to entice offers to come in more quickly by providing creative options.

One way to go would be to provide the new buyers with a homeowner’s warranty. This is not the same thing as homeowner’s insurance coverage, but rather a policy that will offer coverage for most or all of the home’s major systems if they break and need to be repaired or replaced.

This type of coverage can also provide protection for other items as well, such as appliances, faucets, and ceiling fans. A homeowner’s warranty can often be purchased for a few hundred dollars, depending on the benefits. This can be an especially nice incentive if you are selling a home with older systems as it may offer more peace of mind to a new owner.

Offering Buyer Incentives May Help Your Home Sell FasterYou could also get even more creative with your incentive offerings. For instance, if your home is on or near a lake, you might consider offering a new jet ski or a kayak to a new buyer so that they can get the full enjoyment out of being near the water.

If you are selling a condominium or home that requires the payment of association dues, paying for a year’s worth of these fees may be just the push that a potential purchaser needs to seal the deal.

A slow or a buyer’s market doesn’t mean that your listing has to sit and get stale. By providing those little extras, you may be able to secure an offer much more quickly by having your home stand out.

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