Advancements in technology have made a huge impact in how homes are marketed. Not long ago, home shoppers had to huddle around a central monitor in their real estate agent’s office to view Online Property Listingslistings exclusively displayed through the MLS system. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection–meaning, virtually anyone today–possesses the power to post pictures of their properties for public purview.

But, merely having the wherewithal to post a listing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll realize your desired result. Professional guidance on positioning your listings effectively will go a long way toward helping you achieve the best return on your investment.

Online Property Promotion Sites

Property promotion sites such as Zillow or Trulia quickly and easily make your home’s information readily available to millions of buyers. It’s important to note that, while Zillow and Trulia may appear to be two different property marketing sites, they’re actually one company. Zillow acquired Trulia through a multi-billion dollar merger earlier this year. In addition to their websites, both brands offer mobile apps for renting and buying homes., a competing site affiliated with, also features properties for rent and sale. It offers a desktop site, as well as two mobile apps, one for rentals only, and another for both rentals and sales.

With all these online services, it seems that properties can almost sell themselves.

Who Needs an Agent, Then?

While these sites help promote properties, they often lack crucial information, accuracy, and real-time updates. Buyers and sellers both benefit greatly partnering with a licensed real estate agent to navigate the process. Agents can obtain the most complete and updated details on listings, and can arrange for in-person viewings of properties.

As handy as these sites are, they are best viewed as one aspect of the home buying or selling process. Are you looking to buy a home or list your home for sale.  Give us a call, we’ll take it from there.