Planning Some Spring Cleaning? Here are 3 Key Tasks You Should Consider Doing FirstAs we continue to move out of the winter “season,” it’s possible that you may have some spring cleaning tasks on your To-Do list. But, if your list is somewhat lengthy, it can be difficult to know just exactly where to start.

With that in mind, arranging your list of projects in order of importance can help you to get, and to stay, on track. Here are three of the key tasks that you should ideally start with that will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but can also benefit your home.

1) Clean the Gutters

With the upcoming spring “showers” season quickly approaching, cleaning out the gutters so that leaves and other debris don’t block downspouts and hinder the flow of water can be essential. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your home’s siding – or even the foundation oif the home itself.

2) Inspect the Roof

It can also be helpful to have your home’s roof inspected – primarily for worn flashing, missing and / or loose shingles, and cracking around the vent pipes. Doing so can help you to ensure that the spring and summer rain water don’t become an interior issue for you later on.

3) Clean Siding, Decks and / or Patio

By cleaning the siding of your home, you can not only remove any grime and dirt that has built up, but by doing so, you can also help to extend your siding’s longevity. Likewise, if you have an outdoor deck and / or patio, now is a perfect time to inspect them for any winter damages, and to power wash them to give them a clean, fresh look.

In addition to helping you to reduce clutter, completing some of the primary spring home maintenance projects can also help you to improve the quality – and extend the life – of your home. This can be beneficial, regardless of whether you plan to remain there for the long term or move to another home in the foreseeable future.

If you are considering making a move in or around the Bakersfield area, give us a call. We can provide you with some additional tips that could help you to sell your current home more quickly, along with a present value analysis so that you’ll have a good idea in terms of potential list price when you’re ready to move forward.