Putting Your Home on the Market in Autumn? Here are 3 Tips for Attracting Potential BuyersWhile many people believe that selling a home is more difficult in the autumn (as compared to the spring and summer months), the truth is that if you present and market your property using the right strategy, you can attract potential purchasers any time of the year. Here are just a few tips to help buyers take notice:

Create Seasonal Curb Appeal

First, it is important to create “seasonal curb appeal.” This step can include placing fall flowers, such as marigolds or mums, as well as pumpkins and squash, strategically in the front yard or on the porch.

Use Fall Accent Colors

During autumn, you can brighten up the inside of your home using popular seasonal accent colors like red, yellow, and orange. Some ways to do this include placing fall-colored throw pillows on the couch and draping a quilt over the back of a living room chair. By using fall accent colors inside your home, you will also be able to seamlessly tie in the interior with the exterior.

Keep Your Home Light and Bright

Because the sun sets earlier in the fall and winter, keeping things light and bright is extremely important. Potential buyers will be much more apt to get a good vibe if you have the window shades open to allow natural light in. It is also a good idea to turn on the lights – even if a showing takes place in the middle of the day.

Are you ready to make a move, but not sure where to begin? We can help! Because not all home sellers’ objectives are the same, we’ll develop a custom marketing plan for you. This includes determining the current value of your home (which in turn, can narrow down the proper list price).

So, if you’re selling a home in the Bakersfield or Ventura county area, give us a call and we’ll provide you with more details on how to get the process started.