Swapping out your home’s front door hardware (existing exterior knobs and handles) for new hardware is a simple job requiring little to no handyman experience at all. It takes only minutes to accomplish, and once you admire the beauty of your new hardware, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


Refresh Your Front Door HardwareMost exterior door companion sets are mechanically universal in design. So, replacing your hardware will probably require no drilling or sawing; you’ll simply use the holes already in place from your existing hardware. Nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver will likely be needed to complete the job.

Exterior door sets range from around $70 to $500 or more, but handle and deadbolt combos used on most average homes range closer to $150 to $300.

Even economy models today come with handy features. Kwikset, for example, offers SmartKey technology on some of its most affordable models. This allows you to set the deadbolt to accept most any housekey. You can use the keys that come with the set, or save yourself the hassle of cutting multiple keys and set the deadbolt to the bite of your existing key. If and when the day comes that you sell or rent out the property, you won’t have to buy all new hardware. Use the handy tool that came with the set, and you can change the deadbolt to accept a different house key design whenever you like.


Don’t want to hassle with keys at all? This Schlage keypad entry hardware comes in a wide variety of finishes. This model features your choice of flex-lock or auto-lock closure for security, flair handles for style, and an illuminated keypad for ease of use in dark conditions.

Boost the beauty of your home’s curb appeal, and enhance the safety of your home by refreshing your front door hardware.  Are you ready to list your home for sale or start looking for your new home? Give us a call, we know how to help.


Schlage Keypad


Kwikset SmartKey Technology