If you’re considering putting your home on the market, but you know that it may need a few “repairs,” should you go ahead and do the fix up in order Should You Fix Up Your Property or Sell It As Is?to make your home look its best to prospective purchasers, or should you instead leave it as is and save your money?

The answer is actually – it depends.

For example, when it comes to various appliances that you’re not using, old and outdated models can definitely distract from an otherwise nice looking kitchen. However, because all buyers will have differing tastes when it comes to stoves and refrigerators, it’s also not worth spending the big bucks on purchasing new models either. So, what is the best way to go?

In this case, you can oftentimes get by with simply giving your current pieces an inexpensive cosmetic “boost” by either going with professional appliance paint or stainless steel stick-on panels. Typically, this can be accomplished for under $50.

Another issue that can either make or break a potential sale is tarnished or scratched wood floors. In this case, having the floors refinished can definitely be well worth the effort and the cost. And, if you happen to have carpet covering any hardwood, it can be worth it to have the carpet removed, allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Drafty old windows can also be a nice enhancement to your home – if you’re going to stay. While putting in new windows can provide nice updates in terms of beauty – as well as help in lowering your utility bills – there is really no sense in making this large investment if you will be leaving the home relatively soon afterwards.

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