As the weather cools, spending a few hours in the garage or attic becomes less daunting. Autumn’s a great time to jump into that chore we all hate, but still need to do: clearing out the storage clutter!

Oh, Those Boxes.

Storage Clutter Be Gone!You know the ones–they’re the boxes you keep meaning to get to, but never do.

Need some motivation? Divide your monthly home payment by your home’s square footage, including any storage areas. The result will be the amount you’re paying per square foot for your usable space.

Now, determine how much of your home is devoted to housing storage boxes. Remember, boxes represent cubic feet, not flat footprints. All of the volume taken up by bulky boxes is space you could be putting to better use.

How much are you spending each month–and each year–to store that stuff? Is that seasonal item you snapped up on sale years ago really such a deal, if its storage over the years has cost you the ability to install and regularly use a tool bench in that area of the garage? Have those vacuum-sealed bags of special occasion clothes served you so well as to warrant losing that much day-to-day usable space in your linen cabinets?

Clear It Out

It might be smarter to donate many long-kept items, and buy replacements as needed each year, than to earmark valuable chunks of square footage for storage purposes.

A storage unit could be cheaper for storing cherished items year to year. Every box stored in your home is real estate space you’re paying for, but cannot use. If you can’t actively use the space, you may as well not have it in the first place!

Clear your home of storage clutter, and enjoy every inch of everyday usable space to enjoy your home to its fullest!

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