California’s Ventura County has been crowned as the most desirable US county to live in, based upon the physical characteristics of scenery and climate. In fact, the entire Top Ten list of the nation’s most desirable counties consists exclusively of Californian counties.

Bakersfield’s Kern County didn’t make that Top Ten list.

The Benefit of ExclusionRanked at #142 out of the nation’s 3,111 counties, Kern might seem to be getting the short shrift, compared with its more popular county cousins. Worse, California has 58 counties total, meaning that several out-of-state counties bested Kern’s ranking.

Poor Kern must feel like the unloved stepchild, being jilted so far down the list. To cap it off, Kern’s borders mingle right alongside the very counties that are ranked ninth, seventh, third, and first in the entire nation for physical desirability (talk about rubbing it in).



The Price of Popularity

Popularity is a double-edged sword, though: residents earning an average California income can afford to buy properties in only a very few of the state’s counties.

A recent report from the California Association of Realtors has found that average households are being shut out of the majority of the state’s housing market. Those earning the median Californian income of approximately $60,000 can afford to buy in less than one-third of the state’s available housing market.

How This Benefits Kern County

Because of Kern’s exclusion from the Top Ten list, its asking prices can’t be as lofty as those of its highfalutin’ neighboring counties. Kern’s Californian location, hobnobbing right next to the paparazzi counties, is further enhanced by its comparative affordability index. This recipe makes properties in Kern ripe for buyers anxious for California clout, but unwilling or unable to pay sharply for their California dreamin’.  You reap the benefit of exclusion.

While other counties celebrate their popularity, Kern may celebrate increased home sales. Are you ready to start shopping for your new home in Kern County?  Give us a call.


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