Hard to believe, but it’s already time to start preparing your lawn for autumn care. Do you have the tools of autumn ready for the job?

Different Tools for Different Jobs

The Tools Of AutumnDon’t try to use one kind of yard tool for different purposes. While you’ll save a little coin by owning fewer tools, you’ll spend more in back-breaking labor when you try to make a tool perform a task for which it’s not designed. Forgo the Swiss army knife approach; instead, select a few high-quality tools that will save you time (and, possibly, injury).

Leaf and Lawn Rakes

Lightweight leaf rakes are designed purely to gather up dropped leaves. Their wide-angle shapes are perfect for scooping up leaf litter and turning the collection into a yard waste bag. Don’t try to use leaf rakes to break up tough runs of crabgrass or de-thatch your turf. For those jobs, you need a much stiffer and heavier lawn rake.

Mulch and Compost Forks

It may be tempting to use shovels to work with mulch and compost. You’ll experience better aeration, though, and find loads easier to lift, by using garden forks, instead. These tools are very effective in gathering and turning garden materials, and the tines of the forks help fluff things up a bit, which aids in cultivating the growth of helpful bacteria.

Dig It

Ideally, you’ll have three shovels: a straight-edged garden spade for cutting clean, straight lines into your sod; a square point shovel to lift weighty loads; and a rounded-tip shovel to dig holes. Choose shovels with comfortable handles to enjoy their long-lasting service.

Get Set–GO!

If you already have these tools, give them a thorough inspection for rust or loose screws. Clean, sharpen, and oil parts as needed. Remember to pick up a fresh pair of gardening gloves, too!

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