Today, there is a great deal of information available through the Internet. In the past, if someone was interested in buying a house, it was usually necessary to contact a real estate agent who had Three Things You Should Never Say to the Buyer of Your Homeaccess to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so that you could get even the most basic of details on a home that was listed. Now, however, we not only can learn all about the price, the taxes, and the square footage of a property that’s for sale, but we can oftentimes even take a virtual tour.

So, if you happen to be a seller, it’s likely that someone who is interested in purchasing your home already knows a lot about it. But, there are still some subjects that you need to stay away from, as they could get you, the seller, into hot water down the road.

The house is in perfect condition.

First, while you may absolutely love and adore your home, there is really no such thing as a home that’s in perfect condition. In fact, even if a property has just been newly built, there are oftentimes things that will require at least some type of repair. With that in mind, be careful about making statements along this line.

I / We always meant to renovate X.

Telling a potential buyer what you always meant to do may make for interesting conversation. However, it may also plant the seed in the buyer’s head that there are possible additional expenses ahead – and in turn, send him or her running the other way.

I / We won’t take less than $X.

By stating that you won’t take less than a certain price for your house, you are letting potential buyers know that you may be inflexible – which could turn people away from making any type of offer at all.

Oftentimes, the less you say to buyers, the better. Allowing them to make their own decisions about what they will do with the house is typically the best course of action. Having a real estate agent who can do the negotiating on your behalf can actually help to keep the transaction, and the negotiations, running smoothly. If you’re considering moving in or out of the Bakersfield area, give us a call.