Forget that old saw about a cat on a hot tin roof. Today’s technology has opened up a whole new world of roofing made of metallic materials. Topping your home with a metal roof brings a variety of benefits to your property.

Strong Durability

Top It Off With MetalAsphalt roofing serves its purpose adequately enough, but you’ll be looking at a replacement job in under 20 years. Cover your house with a metal roof, and you can forget about replacing it for half a century. Warranties from reputable companies will stand by their metal roofs for leak resistance and a long-lasting beautiful finish that’s virtually impervious to the elements.

Metal won’t suffer the ravages of mold or mildew, and it won’t require you to climb up and check for peeling or separations. Fire resistant, able to withstand winds well over 100MPH, and less likely than other materials to chip or crack over time, metal roofing is virtually carefree. It protects your home without any babying on your part.

Energy Savings

Your instinct might be to expect metal roofs to be hot. To the contrary, they can actually improve your home’s heating and cooling costs, saving upwards of 30% to 40% on energy bills.

Like most other major home improvement investments, initial costs for converting to a metal roof can require a hefty chunk of change. But this is an improvement that really pays off, recouping a whopping 85.9% of investment costs, on average.

Beautiful Finish

Asphalt looks like…well, asphalt. But metal can be finished in a wide array of paint colors, and can even be coated to mimic various textures and appearances of other types of roofing materials.

Metal roofing enables you to give your home the long-lasting protection it needs, with the energy savings you require, and the beautiful finish you desire. Top it off with metal.

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