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Dos Vientos Real Estate

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Certainly, Dos Vientos is an interesting point containing distinct homes to complement it. From origins to present day, fondness of Dos Vientos Ranch homes for sale is typical. As a piece of Ventura County, Dos Vientos has more than established it’s space within the Newbury Park community as a place of life and sustainment. Without a doubt, to hike (or drive) over the Santa Monica Mountains to get to witness that unforgettable sunset descend into the Pacific, serves as a warm welcome indeed to the homes for sale in Dos Vientos, CA.

Equally important, Dos Vientos, or “Two Winds,” is a part of the Ventura County Trails System, interconnecting the many beautiful areas with sophisticated multi use trails. These are available at your convenience. Here, mountain bikers, hikers, and horseback riders alike can be found enjoying their outdoor hobbies.  Nearby, locals can picnic at the Dos Vientos Park where you can find grills, picnic tables, sports courts, and ball fields. Actually, click here to find out more on the Dos Vientos Ranch Community Association, which is the sort of HOA serving Dos Vientos. Additionally, these homes for sale are situated among a great selection of schools you may find worthy of considering. We have included a list of those schools for you below. Moreover, homes for sale in Dos Vientos Newbury Park, CA could be just for you.

By Freeway 101 and the specialized exits, you can reach homes for sale in Dos Vientos of Newbury Park, CA. Dos Vientos is a unique destination we offer a spectrum of homes in. With that, Blue Lion Properties can match you with the home you are looking for today.

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