If you’re preparing to sell your home, there are a number of important items that you’ll have to focus on, including:

  • Making any necessary repairs (unless you plan to sell it as-is)
  • Reducing clutter – which can make the rooms in your home appear more spacious
  • Preparing a marketing campaign, which should ideally include both online and offline sources

But even before you start checking these items off, there is another key factor that should ideally be placed at the top of your list – and that is securing a listing agent.

What exactly is a listing agent, and why do you need one?

First and foremost, a listing agent is a type of real estate professional who represents the homeowner in the sale of their property. Listing agents will take on a number of duties – starting with looking out for the seller, as well as obtaining the best possible terms for the sale.

Working with the right listing agent can literally end up making (or breaking) the sale of your home. And, if he or she does their job properly, there are several activities that they will be responsible for.

One item is determining how much your property is worth. While you may have aspirations of getting out of your home the amount you’ve put into it, the reality is that’s not necessarily how the real value of a home is determined.

Rather, a good listing agent will research what other “comparable” properties have sold for in the surrounding area over the past few months. From there, your home will be priced accordingly, based on these “comps.”

Other ways that a listing agent may provide you with advice that could make your home sell more quickly is to recommend various improvements – or even “staging” your home so that its features are enhanced.

In addition, a good listing agent will also market your home by adding it to the multiple listing service (MLS), as well as by word of mouth, through local publications, and by holding open houses.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, it can be well worth it to hire a listing agent who can offer your guidance throughout the entire process.  For more details on how working with a listing agent can get your home sold more quickly, Contact Us.