With 2017 nearly upon us, you may have once again sat down and drafted your resolutions for the upcoming year. It can be exciting to think of accomplishing the things on your list. Maybe you’ve vowed to seek a new and better paying job, or possibly you want to get moving on some of the projects that you’ve been setting aside. Regardless of what your specific resolutions are, though, there is one thing that most people can certainly agree on – and that is that change is difficult.

In fact, experts have determined that even though half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, less than 10 percent will actually follow through with accomplishing those goals.1 So, how can you make 2017 different and successfully check items off your list?

One way is to simply ask, and then answer, questions. For example, rather than saying that you are going to start a new business this year, by instead asking yourself questions such as, “Who are my target customers?” or “How will I start getting clients?” you will be better able to produce significant – and consistent – changes in your life.

Why is this so?

For starters, asking questions can prompt a psychological response in our brains. So, once a question has been asked, the brain practically cannot help but to try and either answer or to solve it.

Questions can also allow your brain to begin engaging with the topic – and they can do so far better than just simply making statements. That is because the brain will get to work and actually break down the problem, and in turn, start to create a set of steps for getting you to the solution.

If one of your resolutions for 2017 is to find and move into your dream home, having an experienced realtor on your side can also be a plus. This is the case not only in terms of showing you potential properties, but also with assisting you in moving forward on the financing, and providing tips on how to get your current home sold faster. For more details on how you can accomplish a successful move in 2017, Contact Us.





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