When your home’s on the market, don’t settle for a role in the chorus. Make your house shine like the star it is, with staging tips that will draw the spotlight to your property. Make your home star of the stage!

Curb the “Meh”

Your Home Star of the StageYour home makes its debut the moment a prospect pulls up to the house. An exterior in disrepair is obviously not ready for showtime, so make sure your façade is in tip-top condition, with landscaping neatly kept.

Nicely maintained is fine, but it doesn’t dazzle. Boost the initial “wow” factor by giving your property a little polish. It’s amazing what a simple coat of paint can do for a garage door, or a splash of instant color from fragrant blooms skirting your front entry. Consider what might make your house stand out from those on either side, and add that pop that’ll make your curb appeal soar.

Float Your Furnishings

Show prospects there’s so much space, they’ll be able to waltz around the house. Move furniture away from walls, gathering pieces into groups, revealing bare edges of rooms.

Clean and Clear

Buyers view your home to see the real property, not your personal property. Help prospects visualize their own belongings in place: pack up and corral most your possessions in a storage unit (you’re moving soon anyway!). Present a scene of livable minimalism, with just enough furniture and belongings to suggest the idea of family life.

Ensure that the laundry room, kitchen, and bathrooms are kept sparkling clean and free from clutter.

The Nose Knows

Regardless how chic your home looks, if it exudes an eau de pew, prospects will be instantly turned off. Discreetly tuck volcanic rock odor eliminator bags throughout the home, for a fresh finish.

Make your home star of the stage! And when your property sells…remember to take a bow for your home staging talent!  We’ll enjoy helping, give us a call.

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