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Buying a Home with Blue Lion Properties

We know you aren’t looking for just any property.  You’re looking for a place to call home.  You’ll be creating memories there – from watching the kids grow up to spending quiet afternoons reading a book.  With Blue Lion Properties, we’ll listen to exactly what you’re looking for, and work hard to help you identify your housing needs.  Your home buying experience with Blue Lion Properties won’t be an agent showing you every house on the market… it’ll be an experience where we show you the homes you already love.

Buying a Home - Step 1: Prequalification


Did you know that 9 out of 10 buyers finance their home purchase?  Very few people are able to use cash to buy a home, which means that nearly all home buyers will require a home loan.  Because of this, there are some homes you may want to see that require a mortgage preapproval before even allowing you to view it.  Why?  Because some sellers don’t want to waste their time allowing you to view a home that you might not be able to afford.

Moreover, the real issue with real estate financing is not getting a loan. Instead, the idea is to get the loan that’s right for you — the mortgage with the lowest cost and best terms. Don’t worry; we have a number of trusted lenders we can suggest to you, depending on your specific needs and financial situation. By meeting with lenders — either on the phone or face to face — and looking at loan options, you will find which programs best meet your needs and learn exactly what your home purchase budget is.

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It’s extremely important to choose a real estate agent whose primary focus is your best interest.  You need an agent that will go the extra mile, plus take care of all the little details that are so important in the home buying process.

We would love to be YOUR agents!  At Blue Lion Properties, we are among the top home buyer’s agents in the area. We are leading residential housing experts who will make sure to walk you through the entire home buying process, even if you’ve done it before.  We get to know you personally, so we can find the home of your dreams.  We work tirelessly to schedule appointments to show you properties that match your needs, provide you with any detailed information that you may need, offer creative solutions to obstacles, provide recommendations for quality mortgage lenders and appraisers/inspectors, generally coordinate all appointments with other parties to ensure a smooth transaction for all, and so much more.

To make your real estate dream a reality, contact us. We’ll schedule a meeting with you, so you can see how beneficial it is to have us on your team. You’ll also learn how we can match your needs with our comprehensive services, and get you settled into your new home quickly and worry-free. For a personalized service, click the button below to contact us!

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Buying a Home - Step 2: Choose the Right Agent
Buying a Home - Step 3: Search for Homes


There are thousands of homes for sale at any given time, and the best way to sort through them is by using our detailed property search tool or our map search tool here on our website. Our site’s search tool has access to all of the listings that are listed in the MLS, which is used by all the agents in the area.

Some like to search by looking at listings on the basis of location or price; others prefer to have us suggest properties; and many buyers prefer both approaches. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to target your search. By using basic measures such as general location and affordability, you can refine your search and focus on homes that offer the most desirable features.

Be sure to use our site’s Property Organizer tool, which you can use to save, rate, comment, and share listings. This will help you keep track of your thoughts for each property – what you like, dislike, questions, etc.  You can even use our site to create and save unlimited property searches, which can email properties to you as soon as they come on the market.

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After you’ve spent a lot of time searching for properties that match your needs and visiting each one to find the perfect home, it’s time to make an offer. Using the California Realtor legal guidelines and forms, we will work with you to put together an offer to submit to the seller. While we’ll obviously pay close attention to the offer price, it’s important to note that there’s much more to an offer than just the price.

The offer you submit will also include terms, which are extra things or conditions that we want to include in the agreement, if they accept our offer. In some cases, terms can represent thousands of dollars in additional value or additional costs!  That’s why the terms of your offer are extremely important, and we’ll spend plenty of time to carefully review them and help you make decisions as needed.

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Buying a Home - Step 4: Make an Offer
Buying a Home - Step 5: Closing


While going through the closing process, we will provide regular status reports regarding contract terms, financing contingencies, inspections, appraisals, and more.  We’ll work with you to keep you informed, and help you with every step of the process.

As the closing date approaches, we’ll keep close tabs on all deadlines and ensure the sellers follow their contractual obligations. We want your home buying process to be smooth and procedural, not stressful, all the way to the closing table.

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